Since the lighthouse is located on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, visitors must take one of the many tours offered in order to visit this wonderful lighthouse, museum and gift shop.

Lighthouse and Spaceflight Exploration Van Tour

Individual and small group 4-hour tour of the lighthouse area and historic spaceflight sites offered by Canaveral Tours.

Rise to Space Bus Tour

Large bus 5-hour tour of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, the lighthouse area and historic spaceflight sites offered by the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Center.

Special Tours

Limited tours for special groups or occasions are sometimes available, with restrictions.

Educational Tours

Educational Tours are available for public, private, and home school groups.

Camera Use Policy

Photography is permitted at the lighthouse and museum. However, taking photos of other locations on the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station is strictly prohibited, except at designated historic sites.

Safety Restrictions

Large bags or backpacks are not permitted.

You must wear closed-toed shoes that have a heel support, no flip flops, no slider/slip-on shoes, no high heels.

For their safety children must be at least 48 inches tall to climb the tower and must be able to do so under their own power. Carrying children or animals in the tower is prohibited.


The museum and public restrooms are handicapped accessible. The lighthouse is not.

Climbing the lighthouse is limited to the 5th level for small tours and the 3rd level for large tours. Service animals are welcome, but cannot go above the 1st level of the lighthouse.

Special Tours

Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Foundation offers a limited number of special tours for groups that provide their own transportation and would like to visit the lighthouse, museum and gift shop. These tours are required to be set up well in advance in order to meet security requirements. All members of the group must provide identification to the Air Force prior to the tour. If you feel that you have a group that might fit into this category please send an email to and we will get back to you to set this up.

Members receive the opportunity for special tours There are separate Members-Only tours scheduled throughout the year. Become a Member if you’d like to participate in one of these special tours.

Cape Canaveral Lighthouse (CCL) Educational Tour Request

Tours of CCL last approximately 60-90 minutes depending on the size of your group. You’ll be able to visit the Lighthouse and Keeper’s Cottage Museum. Our volunteers will escort your group during the tour and the tour is free.

Buses are required transportation for groups larger than 20, and groups less than 20 may be transported in a car caravan. Transportation is provided and paid for by you, the requester. Your groups will be met by badged volunteers outside the Air Force Station (AFS) gates and escorted onto the AFS.

Once we agree on your date, we’ll provide the lead teacher with a Cape Canaveral Lighthouse lesson plan and presentation so you can prepare your students. The materials are designed to meet the 4th grade Sunshine State Standards.

Tour Request

Educational Tours

The free tours are designed for 4th graders (public, private or home schooled) and bring Florida’s lighthouse history to life with a tour inside the Lighthouse and the Keeper’s Cottage Museum. If your classroom includes school children of other ages, we’ll accommodate as possible. Tours of an Air Force Space Museum can also be included, time permitting. Available dates are Tues-Thurs in Sep-Nov 2020 or Jan-Apr 2021. Complete your tour request now to ensure you get the date you want.