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The Cape Canaveral Lighthouse has stood on the Cape for over 150 years. Situated amidst America’s Premier Gateway to Space, the lighthouse is owned by the United States Space Force and maintained as an active aid to navigation by the United States Coast Guard. Visits to the lighthouse, museum, and gift shop are available via prescheduled tours, only.  Open House for CCSFS badged personnel occurs every Wednesday from 11:00 – 1:00.

We are open for scheduled tours, but since we are located on an active military installation, you cannot drive your own vehicle onto the facility.  Members of the public can only visit by taking a tour, which must be booked at least two days prior, to process through Space Force Security.  Unlike most other military installations, even if you have a military ID (active duty or retired), you won’t be able to get onto CCSFS unless you also have a badge.  You will have to take the public tour.  Please see our Visit page for tour information.  So make plans now to come visit us!

Click Here for a 12 minute video tour of the lighthouse presented by our Historian, Barbara Moser, produced by the Space Launch Delta 45 Public Affairs Office.

Latest News

August is a busy month for the lighthouse.  National Lighthouse Day is August 7th.  Our big celebration will come later on Saturday August 21st when we celebrate International Lighthouse Weekend.  Our next Lighthouse Only tour will be on August 18th, followed by another on August 21st.  If you don’t have the time to take the regular full tour on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (that includes space history), you will be able to come just to the lighthouse for a 1+ hour visit.  You will also be able to see the tremendous collection of artifacts from the Air Force Space and Missile Museum Annex housed next door in Hangar C! 

On August 21st, you will also receive a discount for the Keeper’s Closet Gift shop, memberships, and brick purchases.  In addition, the KSC Amateur Radio Club will be onsite contacting other radio clubs located at lighthouses around the world.  Come out and see all the action.  Be sure to book early, as tour spots are likely to fill quickly.  Click here to book your tour.

If you haven’t heard it already, check out our podcast for the US Lighthouse Society.  This is an hour long podcast the first half of which is a discussion about Patos Island Light in Washington State.  The Cape Canaveral Light discussion is in the 2nd half.  You can listen to it here.



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Upcoming Events

Message from Our Foundation President

The year 2021 is moving fast – four months are already in the taillights. Spring is the time when we leave the doldrums of winter and return to the outdoors, reinvigorated to take on challenges with enthusiasm. There has been a lot going on at our lighthouse as the team plans for our annual events that we really missed in 2020. Volunteer Appreciation Day, Descendants Day, and our Running event. Before, I discuss the events in detail, I need to give a big thanks to the board members and volunteers who make these commitments happen.

In June we will recognize our volunteers with Volunteer Appreciation Day. This is an opportunity for the Foundation to say thank you to our 150 volunteers who keep the light shining. The effort that goes into making visits to the lighthouse memorable is due to the commitment of our volunteers. The Foundation contracts the services of one part-time paid employee; everything else is provided by volunteers who are the docents, the gift shop proprietors and others who provide routine maintenance. In addition, the leaders of our committees on education, membership, brick fund, sponsors, and special events ensure we have the resources to keep the light shining.

Descendants Day is being planned for August. This is an annual event for those direct descendants of the original Cape Canaveral settler families who have relatives buried in one of the cemeteries on the Station. In addition, the descendants of our lighthouse keepers who kept the light shining are also invited out to visit. This is truly an opportunity to connect the past with the future.

Our running event will be in December. The goal is to provide an event for all runners— a Marathon, Half-marathon, 10k and 5k. This is a very ambitious event with a goal to provide a unique opportunity for runners to experience the Space Force Station’s history by passing historic launch sites of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo culminating with the finish-line at our historic lighthouse. This event is currently being planned to coincide with the 1st Anniversary of the United States Space Force.

As a final thought I want to say thank you to our members, the brick owners and our sponsors who provide the funding to keep the light shining. I hope each and everyone of you take advantage of the opportunities to visit the lighthouse and museum which continues to evolve and exist due to your generosity. If you are not a member please join and if you are, please renew. All of you are key to the mission—”to preserve, protect, promote and interpret the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse and its historical significance” to others. Please visit our website https://canaverallight.org for additional information.

Let’s keep the light shining bright. Have fun and be safe.



Since the lighthouse is on an active military installation, it can only be reached by taking a tour


Our online shop is under construction. Please check back or visit our gift shop at the museum or Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral.

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