Rocky Johnson – President CCLF

The Value of Our History?

How important is the preservation of our history? What is the value of understanding where we have been and how we got here, and how does understanding our past prepare us for the future? It has been said that those who do not understand the past are, sadly, doomed to repeat it. The many visitors we receive at the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse provide consistently high marks in reviewing tours currently supported out of a rented single-wide trailer. Lighthouse loving tourists come from all over the country to see our lighthouse, get their “lighthouse passport” stamped and to hear how this very lighthouse helped locate Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and Kennedy Space Center here in Brevard County. And, they tell their friends!

These tourists also eat in restaurants, visit our beaches, rent cars and spend nights in hotels, and in so doing add significant dollars to our County tax base, including funds for cleaning up our Indian River Lagoon.

The Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Foundation, the Brevard County Tourism Development Council, the majority of the Brevard County Commission and the State of Florida all believe that this Keepers Cottage Museum is a wise investment in our future.

Along the way, there have been and will be citizens who disagree. And while we respect and admire those who stand up for what they believe is right, we firmly believe in the preservation of our history, in promoting an under-standing of its role in the present and future industries of our region, and in recognizing the intrinsic as well as financial advantages the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse provides to our community, state and nation. Studying our history proves this is certainly the best path forward!

So I implore our members, our financial supporters and our politicians to please continue to take every appropriate action to help clean up our precious Indian River Lagoon, and at the same time please continue to support local projects worthy of our efforts and dollars, like the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Keepers Cottage Museum.

See you at the Lighthouse!

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Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Exhibit at the Brevard Museum of History and Natural Science

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April 2018 Newsletter

The latest edition of the Canaveral Beacon is available now. It includes articles and photos about the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Museum Cottage on March 22. You can read a short article about the three planned cottages.

Special recognition and a tremendous thank-you goes to all of the volunteers who helped make the festival a huge success.

Read about the work of Barbara Moser, a past Volunteer in Spotlight, for the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Foundation Brevard Museum of History and Natural Sciences. Read about the upcoming exhibit highlighting the history of the lighthouse in the latest issue of the Canaveral Beacon.

This month’s Volunteer Spotlight features the USCG Aids to Navigation Team Ponce de Leon Inlet. You can read more about the important work they do along the Florida coast. We have a picture of four of the team members attending the cottage groundbreaking.

Be sure to check out some of the upcoming events for the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Foundation and the Florida Lighthouse Association.

You can view the newsletter at:

Canaveral Beacon – April 2018

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Lighthouse Festival 2018 – Photo Gallery

Lighthouse 2018

Thanks to Heather Reid Photography for supporting the 2018 Lighthouse Festival. You can see the entire photo gallery at the 2018 Lighthouse Festival Photo Gallery page.

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Lighthouse Festival 2018 – A Celebration!

Wow! A great day to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse! Jump over to our Lighthouse Facebook page to see some of the posts and pictures from the guests attending the Lighthouse Festival. Yes! The weather was gorgeous! The food was great! The entertainment was perfect! We are already looking forward to next year’s event. Mark your calendars!

Celebrate 150 Years

If you would like to join the Foundation, become a member with our online membership form. To use traditional mail delivery, please print out our membership form.

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First Keeper’s Cottage Funded

On October 10th, 2017 the Brevard County Commissioners approved the Tourism Development Council recommendation to fund $500,000.00 for construction of the first Keeper’s Cottage for the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse. Restoration of the Keeper’s Cottages has been a fundamental goal of the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Foundation since its establishment in 2002.

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Florida Lighthouse Association (FLA)

A Few Words about the Florida Lighthouse Association (FLA)
Bob Merrilees
Former President, Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Foundation

The Florida Lighthouse Association is a nonprofit group of citizen activists dedicated to the preservation of the 30 remaining historic lighthouses that line our state’s 1,350-mile coastline. Once central to the economic growth and settlement of our nation, many of Florida’s lighthouses face uncertain futures. We encourage members of the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Foundation to support FLA by joining and attending meetings. For details check out the website at . FLA grants have helped us toward our goals of restoring our Canaveral Lighthouse community as it once was. Recently FLA awarded us a grant of $6,000 for the rental of a trailer to be placed at the lighthouse to house our gift shop and display our Brick Project. We ask you to show your appreciation by joining FLA today!

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