Jim Underwood – President CCLF

The Long Shadows of Fall

As autumn sets in around Florida with the same heat, but slightly less humidity, I noticed a dozen or so wild turkeys hanging out in the morning shadow of the lighthouse earlier this week. Of course, this made me think of Thanksgiving and of all the many blessings for which I am thankful.

As President of your Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Foundation, I am so thankful for our volunteers and docents. I see the time and talent that so many of them give so generously to promoting the lighthouse to our community and beyond. They share so much of their passion for the lighthouse with each person who visits, young and old, local or foreign — anyone who visits, and many who hear about it without ever having been there. Our volunteers and docents are amazing — every one! And I’ve had many opportunities in the recent weeks to observe firsthand — from our fundraising event at the American Muscle Car Museum, to the Motorcycle Club who toured, to the 4th Grade students from Lewis Carroll Elementary, regular tours, special tours. Our volunteers and docents share a passion that is contagious. Visitors leave the lighthouse inspired by what they’ve learned; reflective on the historical context our lighthouse brings to the aerospace and maritime industries upon which our county and central Florida thrive.

I am thankful to serve on a Board of Directors, each of whom contributes willingly and professionally their ideas, their heartfelt desire to improve and enhance the experience our visitors receive when coming to the lighthouse.

And last, but not least, our Annual Sponsors whose generosity in donating to the preservation of our Foundation’s work makes the entire endeavor possible. And our loyal members who comprehend the value of an understanding of history and the significant role our lighthouse has played in that history

There is something magical in the long shadows of a fall evening. They stretch to the East, reaching to the Atlantic for the cooler days of winter which surely must arrive soon. And with them, the future.

See you at the Lighthouse!


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