Rocky Johnson – President CCLF

Final Message from Outgoing President Rocky Johnson

It is with a genuine sense of awe, appreciation and humility that I submit my parting words as President. It has truly been my honor and privilege to serve these past two years, and I can say without reservation that our accomplishments together have been nothing short of superlative.

Together we have:

  • Resumed regular tours of the lighthouse and grounds.
  • Partnered with Brevard County Public Schools to launch a new education program, opening the doors to history and the future for Brevard County’s 4th graders.
  • With the help of the Brevard County TDC and the State of Florida, launched the construction of the Keepers’ Cottage Museum so that the many visitors to our lighthouse can receive a much more accurate and meaningful glimpse into what the lighthouse means to Brevard County, the State of Florida, our national defense through the 45th Space Wing, and mankind’s exploration of the universe.
  • Successfully held the inaugural Lighthouse Half-Marathon, hosting a record 2,000 visitors who participated in the event.
  • Launched a coordinated effort with our friends at the US Air Force Space and Missile Museum Foundation to capitalize on our common goals.
  • Hosted many special events at the lighthouse, allowing many diverse groups to revel in the beauty and the history of this unique icon.

And please don’t forget all of this has been accomplished by way of a 100% volunteer staff, with zero paid employees, relying on the generosity of those who believe in the value of preserving the lighthouse. Many, many heartfelt thanks to our Board members, volunteers, docents, sponsors and supporters!

Please know, while my work schedule requires I dedicate a bit more of my time to those (paying!) endeavors, my commitment to the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Foundation has not wavered in the least, and is in fact stronger today than on the day I became your President.

Please join me in offering a warm welcome to our new president, Jim Underwood, and I pledge my unwavering support to him and the incoming Board. We have accomplished great things together over the past couple years, yet I do believe our best times are still ahead.

See you at the Lighthouse!


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