Rocky Johnson – President CCLF

Wow! For those of you who were not able to attend our 150th Anniversary Celebration Lighthouse Festival, words cannot express what you missed! My grandson, almost four years old, is still talking about lighthouses everywhere he goes, and it truly warms my heart to know we are successfully taking the message of the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse and the 45th Space Wing not only to the world as we know it today, but also passing that message on to future generations. For those of you who were able to participate, I have only two words: THANK YOU!

45th Space Wing: Thank you for understanding the depth of meaning and profound value in sharing the history of the lighthouse and the Wing with the public. The rewards are more evident every day.

· Sponsors: Thank you for contributing dollars to a worthy local cause almost entirely because it’s a worthy local cause! As a business person, I am keenly aware that the ROI is not dollars, but rather the knowledge that you have helped those who need your help, and in so doing you’ve made the world a better place. More to come on recognition of our great sponsors!

· USCG: Thank you for being, without question, the Unsung Heroes of the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse. No matter the occasion or request, when we call upon the US Coast Guard they not only appear, but appear in force, and execute flawlessly. We would truly be lost without the USCG.

· Volunteers: Thank you for being the face of who we are. Many of you will never attend a Board Meeting, but you know, understand and represent who we are far better than any Board Member ever could.

· Docents: Thank you for being the heart and soul of our story, and for the countless trips to and from the lighthouse to tell that story in cold and heat, sunshine and rain, large crowds and just a few people.

· Florida State Senate and House of Representatives: Thank you for supporting organizations that preserve our rich cultural, maritime, economic and aerospace history. Navigation is at our very core, and thanks to you, the world knows that.

· Brevard County Commissioners: Thank you for understanding the key role that the lighthouse plays in our history, our present day tourism, and in our future. Thank you for listening to me the many times I have come before you to beg for funding!

· TDC: Thank you for considering and then selecting the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Museum Cottage as a Key project to promote local tourism through historical and cultural awareness. Your vision will shed light on generations to come.

· CCLF Board: Thank you for making my job as your president look easy, and thank you for the many, many hours you dedicate to the lighthouse.

· BCPS: Thank you, and especially MILA Elementary, for understanding how important it is that our children understand where we have been, and that having a knowledge of the past is critical in plotting our course for the future.

· Members: Thank you for being members. Your word of mouth and your $35 membership are the lifeblood of the foundation.

Simply the best two words to everyone — THANK YOU!

See you at the Lighthouse!

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