Rocky Johnson – President CCLF

Angels and Lighthouses

Dear Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Supporters:

Did you know that there are angels at the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse? Well, there are, and we are in desperate need of more!

Please consider this month’s request:

“Wanted: More Angels for the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse”.

Three of my collegiate years were spent learning classical Greek, and also translating that ancient language int English. Once you get “into” translating Greek and Latin into English, you can never quite get away from the etymology of often used words, and playing upon the differences and similarities of those words in conversation. Sometimes I play with words just for fun, but other times I find the word play helpful in making a point, and that’s certainly the case here.

The word “angel” would directly translate from the Greek as “messenger”. So yes, there are certainly angels (messengers) at the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse, and those messengers are, well, You! Having just held our annual Members and Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon, I am in awe at how many angels actually support the CCLF. Our angels are made up of a diverse group, and come from all walks of life, but they do share one thing: They love to share the message of our lighthouse. This month my request is that each of us fulfill our duties as messengers by getting out there and sharing the story of the lighthouse with others.

How many angels can dance on the top of a lighthouse? You’ll have to attend one of our upcoming events to find the answer to that one.

See you at the Lighthouse!

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