Rocky Johnson – President CCLF

Core Mission: I See the Light!
Dear Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Supporters:
What an exciting time it is in the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse timeline! Seeing all of the changes so rapidly occurring at Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and Port Canaveral, we are more than ever amazed at what our lighthouse has witnessed over its 149 years standing watch over the Cape.

We’ve also added renewed energy and ideas to our already outstanding Board, meaning that you can expect even greater accomplishments over the coming weeks, months and years. And this thinking brought me to the subject matter of this letter. With so many possibilities, how do we decide where to focus our efforts?

In order to answer this question for our Board, I needed to first answer it for myself, so I removed myself from interruptions and drove out to the lighthouse when no one else was there, and reflected upon the many great things we want to accomplish. I got out of my car and walked up to the lighthouse, and then sat down on the curb at the base of the lighthouse next to the door. The sun setting in the west cast a long lighthouse shaped shadow across the empty landscape. Sitting there I found the peace I was looking for. No one to in-terrupt me with questions about the lighthouse or its history. No one telling me stories about their history, or their love of lighthouses. No one to talk about the spirit of lighthouses and what that spirit says to us about ourselves…. And that’s when I saw the light (forgive the pun, but it works!) Sitting there by myself remind-ed me of the one thing that really matters: Our Core Mission is to share the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse with PEOPLE.

As President of the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Foundation, I want more than anything else to share our lighthouse with others. That’s our mission. What I ask of each of you is this: Please visit our lighthouse. If you know anyone (and I do mean anyone) who has not experienced the magic of standing at the base of that tower and beacon, please invite them to do so. We will be more successful in achieving some of our goals than others, but we must not waiver or fail at sharing this treasure with those who would benefit by visiting it.

See you at the Lighthouse!

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